Right of way Streetscape and Tree Trimming

City of Sugar Land Rights-of-Way Landscape Maintenance
The City of Sugar Land manages the rights-of-way that traverses its limits to serve the health, safety and transportation needs of the public. The Public Works Department is responsible for the management of approximately 660 acres of turf, landscape and irrigation within the City’s rights-of-way. This includes rough-cut mowing as well as maintenance of landscape and irrigation that has been added through City Capital Improvement Program projects.

Roadways that the City maintains include Highway 6, US59, US90A, Eldridge Road, Burney Road and portions of Dulles and University Blvd. Some roadway rights-of-way are maintained by adjacent Property Owners and Homeowners Associations. These roadways are developed and maintained with standards established in the City's Streetscape Policy.

Mowing Map
Please view the map below for all areas the City manages.

Rights-of-way Mowing Map

59 Landscape