Charter Review 2018

The City of Sugar Land would not be what it is today if not for the role of citizen involvement in the governing processes of the city and in providing City Council with input on public policy and governance.

The City is a “Home Rule” city governed by a City Charter. The charter is reviewed every five years to ensure that it continues to provide reliable guidance on the relationship between the structure of the city government and performance; and that the structure will achieve the goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.

In order for citizens to ensure their system of local governance is meeting their needs, a process was established in the 1981 Charter for periodic reviews and amendments. Every five years the Charter requires City Council to establish a citizen Charter Review Commission to study the state and condition of local governance and recommend any needed changes.

The charter review commission is an independent advisory body whose responsibility is to make charter recommendations to the city council based on an assessment of the needs, alternatives and trade offs, among possible options for governance of the city. The next charter review will be 2018.

In 2018, if you are interested in serving on the charter review there will be an online application to fill out or you may call the Office of City Secretary, 281 275-2730, for an application. The completed application may be returned by fax to: 281-275-2293 or you may return it to City Hall, 2700 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 122. The City Council will consider applicants and make appointments in early fall of 2018.