Land Use Forum

Land Use Forum Concluded

Over 200 community members attended and participated in the Land Use Forum from January to April. Open to the public, this speaker and community discussion series on land use focused on important topics for the near and long-term future of Sugar Land.

Sugar Land residents had the opportunity to hear presentations on land use topics, participate in round-table discussions, and provide input. The Land Use Forum explored topics such as the impact of changing demographics on market trends, the role of housing choices in a community, and the benefits of mixed-use activity centers, the link between mobility and land use, and how a city can remain vibrant through redevelopment.
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The topics and details about each Land Use Forum session are available below, as well as links to videos of the presentations. View a summary report for the Land Use Forum. The Sugar Land community is encouraged to continue participating by watching archived video of the presentations and providing feedback through Online Town Hall.

Forum #1 - A Changing City: Demographics and the Marketplace

How are the demographics in the US, region and Sugar Land shifting and what do these shifts mean for residential and commercial land uses? How are preferences in living, working and leisure changing from generation to generation? How do suburban cities evolve as they age? Does what worked for Sugar Land for the last 30 years still work today?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guest Speakers

Dr. Stephen Klineberg
Professor of Sociology at Rice University
Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research 

Mitchell Silver, AICP
Director of Planning, City of Raleigh, NC
Immediate Past President of the American Planning Association

Forum #2 — Attracting Employers to Sugar Land

How does Sugar Land attract new businesses? What are the benefits of having employment in the City? What are companies looking for in a place to locate? How do activity centers strengthen business, and what role can the City play in developing activity centers?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guest Speakers

Don Janssen
Executive Vice President, Planned Community Developers, Ltd 

Regina Morales
Director of Economic Development, City of Sugar Land 

Les Newton
President, Planned Community Developers, Ltd 

Christof Spieler
Vice President and the Director of Planning at Morris Architects
Forum #3 — Town Square and Beyond: Creating Places for the Community
How can Sugar Land create places for the community to gather? What does it take to create places that draw people all day, every day? What are retailers and restaurants looking for? How can parks add value to surrounding land uses?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guest Speakers

Robert Tullis
Vice President, Director of Design, GID Development 

Robert Gibbs
President, Gibbs Planning Group — Urban Economic and Planning Consultants
Director at Urban Retail Institute

Forum #4 - Housing Choices for a Successful City

What kind of housing choices does Sugar Land offer today? How does this compare to other suburban cities? How is the market for housing changing? What are the benefits of multifamily and what causes some to decline while others hold their value?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guest Speakers

Julie Campoli
Urban Designer and Author
Keith D. Simon
Executive Vice President and Director of Development
CDC Houston, Inc.

Steven R. Spillette
President, CDS Market Research

Forum #5 — Mobility and Land Use

How does land use patterns impact transportation? How do transportation projects lead to economic development? What does Sugar Land need to do to maintain its competitiveness in terms of access to jobs? What tools does Sugar Land have to reduce congestion? How can Sugar Land incorporate other transportation choices, such as walking, biking, and transit?