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Photo of Distracted Driving
Thousands of people die every year in crashes related to distracted driving. Using handheld devices takes more attention away from driving than other types of distractions.

New Ordinance Addresses Distracted Driving

Sugar Land City Council approved an ordinance on Tuesday that prohibits the use of portable electronic devices while driving a vehicle in Sugar Land unless the device is in hands-free mode or being used for an emergency. Learn more >>

About the Process

The City of Sugar Land values public input. People often ask whether their voices influence the shape of projects and policies. The answer is a resounding yes.

Our year-long effort to craft a policy on distracted driving is an excellent example that emphasizes the importance of how our citizens provide direction for public policy. They included more than 500 comments through an Online Town Hall, HOA meetings, social media, in-person town hall meetings, a promotional video on SLTV16, newsletter articles mailed to every citizen, discussions with more than 200 citizens during National Night Out and more. The extensive input gathered showed overwhelming support for the ordinance approved by City Council on Feb. 21

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