Development Code Update

Sugar Land’s Development Code provides guidance for the review of requests to alter or develop property within the city. It includes regulations on the control and the use of land and buildings (known as zoning), signs, subdivision of land, building standards and flood damage reduction regulations.

Why is an update necessary?

The current development code makes use of guidelines that were adopted over 20 years ago. The update aims to modernize and simplify the development code with the goal of adapting it to today's needs.

The update will

  • Continue to prioritize the preservation and protection of single-family neighborhoods
  • Modernize the language and classification of permitted uses in the zoning use classification tables
  • Clarify permitted and conditional uses within commercial zoning districts
  • Incorporate definitions of land uses and clarify parking requirements directly into the zoning use classification tables
  • Consolidate existing requirements in other sections of the Development Code into the zoning use classification tables and associated supplemental standards
  • Make use of the zoning use classification tables efficient and simple

The update will not

  • Allow incompatible non-residential uses in the middle of a neighborhood
  • Make changes to the existing classification of zoning districts
  • Create or allow new land uses that will conflict with the character of existing zoning districts
  • Remove any zoning safeguards currently in place
  • Make any changes to regulations for or expand where multi-family is allowed

Stay Informed!

The Planning and Zoning Commission has completed its review and recommendation of the draft changes to the zoning use classifications and parking requirements. On November 13, the Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Code changes to City Council. City Council held a workshop and review of the draft ordinance on January 8.  Next, City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on February 5, 2019, at 6 pm at Sugar Land City Hall and take action on the first reading of the ordinance during the City Council meeting.

Agendas and meeting materials are available prior to the meetings. Meeting presentations and videos of discussion are available after the meeting.

August 14                     Planning & Zoning Commission Introductory Workshop
August 23 P&Z Detailed Workshop #1
September 11 P&Z Detailed Workshop #2
September 27  P&Z Detailed Workshop #3
October 9 P&Z Feedback Follow-up Workshop
October 16 Online Town Hall Closed | View Feedback
October 25 P&Z Public Hearing
November 13  P&Z Recommendation
January 8 City Council Workshop
February 5 City Council Public Hearing and first reading of Ordinance

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Did you know?

The Development Code Update will not The adoption and update of the Development Code includes an extensive public process, including public hearings at both, the Planning & Zoning Comission and City Council. This ensures that it is consistent with the City's Comprehensive Plan and reflects community values.