Education and Resources

Introductory Presentation

The Planning and Zoning Commission heard an introduction to the zoning use classification and parking table changes on August 14.

Draft Code Changes

The Planning and Zoning Commission will review and discuss the draft changes in detail during workshops in the coming months, beginning on August 23. Below you can find links to the draft Code changes:

  1. Draft Residential Districts Permitted Uses and Parking Schedule
  2. Draft MUC Permitted Uses Schedule (Note: no new uses have been added to the MUC district)
  3. Draft Nonresidential Districts Permitted Uses and Parking Schedule
  4. Draft Airport Zoning Permitted Uses Schedule (Note: no changes to Airport Zoning categories or land uses are proposed – proposed changes reflect moving away from SIC-based classification)

Comparison to Existing Code

Due to the nature of the changes being recommended, a “redline” version of the Code would not be an effective tool for demonstrating the changes being proposed. Therefore, staff has also provided two tools to help show the changes from the existing permitted uses tables to the draft tables. A description of each of the tools is included below:

  1. Equivalency Table
    This table is used to see how existing uses are converted to new uses. Existing uses are listed by SIC number and the equivalent New Uses are listed next to the Existing Uses.
  2. Comparison Table
    This table is used to determine how a New Use would have been classified under the SIC classification system. New Uses are listed in alphabetical order by major grouping (i.e. Institutional, Office), and Old Uses are listed next to them. Additionally, this table compares where the “Old” use was permitted and where the “New” uses is permitted, by zoning district. Finally, the Comparison Table compares the previous parking requirements with the New parking requirements.