Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

**Applications are currently closed**

To empower youth from various backgrounds to become active members in their community by providing an overview of the complexity and variety of opportunities to have an everlasting effect on the future of their city through local government public service.

Qualification Criteria

  1. The program will only be open to incoming high school juniors.
  2. Students must live in the City of Sugar Land, though residents of the extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) communities with which the city has executed Strategic Partnership Agreements will be considered as well.
  3. Students themselves should complete the application. Applications will be evaluated and select students will be offered an interview. Admissions will be offered based on final evaluation of interview and applications. Enrollment is limited and diversity is sought in class makeup.
  4. Students must commit to attending all sessions. Events will include an Induction ceremony, Mock Council presentations, a Meet the Chiefs session, and city tour, among others.


Applications for MYAC are now closed. Applications for the 2018-2019 class will open on August 15th and will close on September 15th.

Use our online application to apply. Applications for the 2018-2019 class will open online on August 15 and will close on September 15 at 5 p.m. Parent and student forms that must be completed are available. One letter of recommendation is required. The application, parent and student forms, and letter of recommendation must be received by 5PM on September 15th, or the student's application will not be considered.
If you are a current Serve Sugar Land volunteer, log in using your email and password, select Get Involved and select Mayors Youth Advisory Council — existing volunteer.

If you are new to the system, please click on the "Get Involved" tab and select and complete the Mayors Youth Advisory Council- new volunteer.

Alumni Members- Keep us posted on how you are doing! Update your email address on file too so we can stay in touch. Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) Alumni Update.
MYAC 2017
Mayor's Youth Advisory Council Class of 2017

MYAC Code of Conduct

A community-wide initiative to reinforce positive behaviors and attitudes among all Sugar Land teen residents and visitors.

I pledge to join the City of Sugar Land in being a role model community where we all respectfully and harmoniously live, work, shop and play, and to encourage personal responsibility and a commitment to ensuring Sugar Land remains a community of respect, embracing and celebrating our diversity.

Therefore, I promise to:
  • Be a caring citizen, always looking out for and supporting others.
  • Respect and listen to those in authority.
  • Be considerate of the environment and the property of others.
  • Be respectful in my behavior and attitude by not being disorderly, disruptive, or using inappropriate language.
  • Choose not to engage in behaviors or acts harmful or offensive to others or myself.
  • Always be brave, steadfast, and stand up for and speak up for what is right.

Contact Us

  1. 2700 Town Square Blvd. N.
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
    Ph: 281-275-2329 | Fx: 281-275-2318