What you should do with boxes, toys and other holiday trash


E-commerce, also known as online shopping, grew this year, meaning you probably have loads of cardboard boxes waiting for a second life. But instead of throwing them away or recycling them, why don’t you upcycle them? Here are some environmentally-friendly ways to reuse all the cardboard boxes you have laying around and give them new life.


Become a plant parent

One of the easiest ways to reuse old cardboard boxes is to utilize it for what it is: a box. Take that Amazon box and load it up with some soil to give your plants a temporary new home until you are able to repot them in a more permanent home.

Organize your home

With many people working remotely, homes have turned into places to eat, sleep and work 24/7. With so much to do and so little space to do it, break down your boxes to organize desk and kitchen drawers in your home. Your junk drawer will thank you.

Store some memories

Get crafty with your kids and convert scraps of cardboard into much needed custom picture frames. Each child can grab some paint, pens or markers and decorate their own picture frame to display around the house.

Build a new play place

On the topic of keeping little ones occupied, why not make the ultimate fort? Take a variety of boxes and transform them into a complete getaway inside of your home, complete with the prince or princess of the house.


Along with boxes, extra items that may have accumulated around the house like toys, car seats and swings can be donated to local charities in our area.