Sugar Land Overview

Sugar Land, located in eastern Fort Bend County, is approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston. It was founded as a sugar plantation in the mid-1800s and incorporated in 1959.

A full-service municipality, Sugar Land, provides the highest quality of affordable services to meet the needs of its residents. Master-planned communities and welcoming neighborhoods enhance home values and create a sense of belonging. The community offers outstanding schools, libraries, civic organizations and other resources that make Sugar Land a great place to work, live and raise a family.

Sugar Land map.jpg

Numerous high-profile regional and international corporations have chosen Sugar Land as a corporate home, including Minute Maid, Schlumberger, Tramontina USA, Fluor Corporation, Bechtel Equipment Operations, Noble Drilling, Money Management International and Aetna. Sugar Land's aggressive economic development program has created a business-friendly environment, one that includes a variety of incentives, including a corporate aviation facility.

Sugar Land By The Numbers

  • Land area in city limits (2019)
    • Full-purpose: 42.82 square miles or 27,402.23 acres
  • Land area in extraterritorial jurisdiction (2019)
    • 12.99 square miles or 8,310.60 acres
  • Census 2010 figures ranked Sugar Land the state’s 49th largest city in Texas. By race, the city’s breakdown is:
    • 44.4% White
    • 35.1% Asian
    • 10.6% Hispanic or Latino
    • 7.3% Black or African American
    • 2.6% Other
  • Estimated 2020 Population*: 118,498
  • Form of Government: Council / Manager
  • Property Tax Base: $16.18 billion
  • 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Annual Budget: $272.56 million
  • 2019-2020 Property Tax Rate: 33.2 cents
  • Total Dwelling Units**: 40,150
  • Average Residential Value: $379,289
  • Developed Land-Use Mix:
    • Residential: 77%
    • Commercial: 16%
    • Industrial: 7%
  • Bond Ratings:
    • Standard & Poor’s: AAA
    • Fitch Ratings: AAA
  • City Employees: 848
  • Professional Firefighters: 126
  • Sworn Police Officers: 173

* 2020 In-City Population Estimate
** Based on 2019 Land Use Inventory