The District at Sugar Creek Planned Development

The city received and has processed a zoning application for a Planned Development District (PD)  Final Development Plan for 8 acres of property located at the northwest corner of Century Square Blvd. and Sugar Creek Center Blvd.

The project proposal consists of a mix of multi-family units and live/work units with a structured parking garage to serve the development. The proposal is for 384 multi-family units and 18 live/work units. The 384 multi-family units will consist of a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The 18 live/work units will be located along the street facing sides of the development and will provide for non-residential uses to be located on the ground floor of these units.

This proposal is in line with the city’s Land Use Plan, adopted by City Council in August of 2018. The site is located in the Sugar Creek Triangle Regional Activity Center as identified in the Land Use Plan which is centered on the triangle between US 90A, US Highway 59, and Dairy Ashford. Please refer to this link  for information on what a Regional Activity Center is in the Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan identifies that uses in this center should include offices, retail, condos or rental apartments, and a hotel, and that any proposed multi-family residential should also be a mixed-use development and activate the adjacent pedestrian realm. It further states that no new standalone, single-use, multi-family residential development within the city should be approved. Please refer to this link to the Sugar Creek Regional Activity Center for details. The Land Use Plan also provides guidance when multi-family developments are proposed that provides for a cap on the amount of multi-family units allowed, identifies that proposals should be part of a vertically integrated mixed-use development, and outlines specific design features to ensure appropriate integration of multi-family within an overall development proposal. Please refer to this link for further information from the Land Use Plan on vertically mixed use settings.

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Zoning Process

All property owners within the city have a right to submit a zoning application for proposed development on their property. When a property owner submits a zoning application, city staff provides a comprehensive review of the proposal prior to initiating the public meeting process. The public meeting process with the Planning & Zoning Commission typically proceeds as follows:

  • First meeting is typically in the form of a workshop where staff and applicant team receive feedback from the Commission on the proposal.
  • Then a public hearing is scheduled where additional feedback and direction is provided to staff and the applicant team. This is also where any members of the public are invited to speak regarding the proposal.
  • The final meeting with the Planning & Zoning Commission is where staff would provide a recommendation to the Commission on the proposal, and where the Commission would ultimately provide a recommendation to the City Council.

It is important to note that simply moving an application through the zoning application and meeting process is no guarantee of staff support or ultimate Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council approval.

The Planning & Zoning Commission will hold their workshop on this proposed development during the regularly scheduled meeting on September 14th. This will be an opportunity for the Commission to review the proposal, ask questions of the applicant and staff, and provide feedback. This meeting is open to the public. The next step in the zoning process after this meeting will be to hold a Public Hearing with the Planning & Zoning Commission, which will be an opportunity for the public to attend the meeting and provide any feedback to the Commission.

The Planning & Zoning Commission will make a recommendation on the zoning application at a subsequent meeting after the Public Hearing.  Following the Planning & Zoning Commission review, another Public Hearing will then be scheduled with the City Council after which they will consider a first reading of the ordinance to approve the zoning application. This will also be another opportunity for the public to attend and provide feedback to the City Council regarding the proposed project.

The current proposal under consideration is located on approximately 6.5 acres of the 8 acre site. The remaining 1.5 acres located at the hard corner will not be developed at this time and will be required to come back before the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council for zoning review when a development proposal is ready.

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