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Billing for utility and miscellaneous billings, and the centralized collection office for Sugar Land.
Monthly Water Usage is available online
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Understanding Your Water Bill

Launch our interactive infographic and learn more about some of the listed items on your water bill.

Did You Know?

In a 2019 survey conducted by the Texas Municipal League, Sugar Land’s residential water and wastewater bills ranked 20% to 24% less than the average bill compared to 45 cities over 50,000 in population.  See the results here: TML Water/Wastewater Survey Results

Winter Averages have been recalculated. What does this mean?

Effective April 1st 2020, each Residential customers new winter average will go into effect. Water usage is averaged between the usage on the February and March billing periods. The new winter average will be from the April bill until the following March bill. New customers that have not yet established a water usage for February and March will have a winter average based on the citywide average monthly usage, currently 5,880 gallons.

For questions about your new winter average, please call Treasury at 281-275-2750.

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