Water Bill Payment Options

Looking to save money?

Water conservation is an easy way to save money. A few small changes can lead to a possible savings on the wastewater portion of your bill. Visit the water savings tips page for more details.

How is your wastewater cap calculated?
For residential customers, wastewater volume charges for April through the following March are based on the lesser of:

  1. average monthly water usage as billed in the most recent February and March months
  2. twelve thousand gallons

If you have any questions, contact 281-275-2750.

Are you from Greatwood or New Territory?

Please see below for answers to some of the most common questions we are receiving from newly annexed residents.

If you don’t see your question, call 281-275-2750. One of our customer service representatives will assist you. If you can’t stay on the line, leave a voicemail to receive a prompt call back.

Do you use your bank's pay service?

If you use your bank's bill pay service, please note:

  • Some banks actually print out a check and then mail it to our office
  • We strongly suggest that you allow sufficient time for your bank's check process and mailing, in order for the check to reach our offices and avoid a late fee.
  • When setting up this service, your City of Sugar Land account number should include all numbers, including the dash.

You can also pay with a credit card, online and over the phone, and pay no fee. All payment options are available below.

Regular Payment Options

  1. Automatic Bank Draft
  2. Online Water Payments
  3. Phone Payments
  4. Mail Payments
  5. Pay in Person
Automatic Bank Draft
A convenient way to pay your water bill each month is to sign up for Automatic Bank Drafting. There is no cost to you, and your payment will be automatically drafted on the Friday before the due date each month. You will still receive your monthly bill so you can monitor your water usage.

  • To apply: print and complete the application form, or contact a customer service representative at 281-275-2750 for more information.
  • To cancel: print and complete the cancellation form, or contact a customer service representative at 281-275-2750 for more information.