Membership & Policies

Participation in classes and activities at the T.E. Harman Center requires an annual membership. Membership is $10.25 per year for residents and $155 per year for non-residents.

Individuals must submit a current Texas Drivers License with an address within the corporate city limits. Individuals with addresses that have Sugar Land as the city but are not within the corporate limits of the City of Sugar Land will not be considered residents.

Class Registration

Registration is required for all classes. Sugar Land residents can register on the first business Monday of each month and nonresidents can register on the second business Monday. Registration begins at 8 a.m. You may also register by calling 281–275–2893 after 10 a.m. each day or by emailing

Field Trips

  • Fees are due at time of registration.
  • Trips that do not meet a minimum number of participants two weeks prior to the trip date will be canceled
  • Overnight trips that do not meet minimum number of participants one month prior to the trip date will be canceled


A request for refund due to customer cancellation must be made to the Parks and Recreation Department in writing or in person, seven calendar days prior to trips to receive a refund.

Individuals requesting refunds who meet the above criteria will receive a full refund minus any non-recoverable costs. However, requests that do not meet the above requirements that are a result of an unforeseen medical situation may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee.

More Information

Please email us for Senior Citizen Information or call us at 281-275-2893.