About the Update

Land Use Plan Update

The City of Sugar Land is updating the Land Use Plan, which documents the land use policies that guide development within the City. The Land Use Plan is one of the city’s eight master plans and was last updated in November 2004.

The Land Use Plan is published as Chapter 6 of the City’s Comprehensive Plan of which Chapters 1 through 5 were recently updated and approved by City Council in July 2012. Now that the city’s broad vision and goals are established in the Comprehensive Plan, it is time to update Chapter 6, the Land Use Plan.

The purpose of the update is to align the Land Use Plan with the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. The focus of the update will be on developing a specific vision and set of goals for land use that reflect the broader vision and goals established in the Comprehensive Plan. The update will also identify and list the tools and policies needed to implement the land use vision in the future.

The update will include an extensive public input process including a variety of opportunities for the community to provide input and feedback.