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Mosquito control in Sugar Land requires participation on the part of both the City of Sugar Land and its residents.

Larvacide Treatments/Mosquito Trapping

Larvacide applications are routinely performed citywide in order to help eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Mosquito trapping/surveillance operations are performed weekly during the months of April through November for disease testing and mosquito population counts.

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito spraying will begin in April 2019.

Treatments will continue each Friday thereafter, as necessary, to control the mosquito population.

What You Need To Know About Truck Spraying

Education and Resources

Fight the Bite with the "Four Ds"
Protect yourself, your family and your pets. Practice the "Four Ds". 

Backyard Explorer
A typical backyard can open opportunities for mosquitoes to breed. Examine potential problem areas in your own backyard. 

Fight the Bite Presentation
A detailed look at protection, prevention and steps the City takes to fight the mosquito population.

Mosquito/Vector Borne Diseases:

Residents are encouraged to inform themselves and take preventative measures to protect themselves and loved ones.

City Control Tactics and Techniques 

The City of Sugar Land makes use of several tactics and techniques in order to control the mosquito population. Among these are:

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