Crime Prevention Camera Program

Photo of Crime Prevention Cameras
Crime prevention cameras can be valuable tools to help catch, arrest, and convict criminals.

Education and Resources

Program Summary
A brief description of what the program is and aims to achieve.

LPR Coverage Map
Current coverage area of license plate recognition (LPR) cameras.

How do LPR cameras work?
Infographic that describes the role LPR cameras can play in crime investigations.

5 facts about LPR cameras
Infographic that lists 5 things that are helpful to know about LPR cameras in Sugar Land.

Pilot Program Success

SLPD has been operating a pilot project using license plate recognition (LPR) systems.A few of the positive results have been:
  • Video from Oyster Creek camera has been able to identify suspects in 2 BMV cases (2011).
  • Police Impersonator captured on LPR
  • Recovery of 11 stolen vehicles
  • Known Burglar entered into system and was able to track
  • Theft Case at Mall had vehicle ID by LPR

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information about Sugar Land's crime prevention camera program, call 281-275-2500.