Hard Freeze Preparation

When the temperatures drop below freezing, residents are encouraged to prepare their homes to avoid damage to water pipes, sprinkler systems, and swimming pools. The City does not turn off water at the meter to prevent frozen pipes.

Prevention Tips

  • Wrapping or covering outside faucets and disconnecting water hoses 
  • Wrapping pipes exposed to outside temperatures 
  • Cover soffits and air vents leading from outside the house to the attic 
  • Keeping cabinet doors below kitchen and bathroom sinks open to allow warm air from the house to circulate around pipes located under the sinks 
  • Keeping house temperature above 68 degrees 
  • Turn off the main water valve and drain water from household pipes if house will be unoccupied for the duration of the forecasted freeze. House main valve locations vary, but most are located either on the outside of the house near the driveway, kitchen, garage or laundry room or inside the house in the laundry room, kitchen or a bathroom 
  • Please do not allow faucets to drip 

Pipe Bursts

  • Shut off water at the main valve 
  • If main valve cannot be located, call 281-275-2450 and the City's Utility Staff will come and turn off water at the meter 
  • Call a plumber 

Sprinkler System Breaker Protection