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Feb 03

The City of Sugar Land used taxpayer money to oppose statewide Open Meetings regulations.

Posted on February 3, 2016 at 3:35 p.m. by Web Admin

The City of Sugar Land has never participated in an attempt to oppose Open Meetings regulations, nor were any tax dollars used for such a purpose.

A group of elected officials challenged the law in 2009 on the basis that open meetings laws stifle free speech for government officials and subject them to criminal penalties for talking business in informal settings.

The public officials from 15 Texas cities, including one former Sugar Land City Council member acting independently of the city, argued that open meeting laws criminalize political speech. The officials argued that while they supported open government, the open-meetings act outlawed such behavior as simply talking to a colleague about a matter on a city council agenda.

In 2012, a Federal court ruled that Texas law doesn't violate the rights of politicians. The three-judge panel said the law promotes the disclosure of speech and does not restrict it.

The City of Sugar Land was not part of this lawsuit, though a former member of Sugar Land City Council participated in the lawsuit on his own.