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Jun 21

Rumor: Short-term rentals are prohibited because they do not generate HOT taxes like a hotel would.

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 1:35 p.m. by Web Admin

Fact: There is a misconception that Sugar Land prohibits STRs for the purpose of collecting more revenue when in fact, any owner that is operating a lodging business – including a short term rental – anywhere in the state of Texas is required to collect state hotel occupancy taxes that must be submitted to the State Comptroller. Additionally, if STRs were allowed in Sugar Land (they are not), they would also be subject to the city’s hotel occupancy tax.

The purpose of the city’s regulations is to preserve neighborhood integrity. Authorizing this type of commercial operation to exist within residential districts disrupts the nature of that residential district. Several of the concerns expressed by Sugar Land residents living near a short term rental (STR) have been:
  • Increased traffic associated with the STR
  • Nuisance complaints regarding parties/noise, trash and parking issues
  • Concerns regarding strangers coming in and out of the neighborhoods on a frequent basis