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1. What is annexation?
2. My address is Sugar Land already, doesn’t that mean I’m already in the city?
3. What are the benefits of annexation for Greatwood and New Territory residents?
4. What are the benefits of annexation for current residents?
5. When will new residents be able to participate in City elections?
6. When will council-member districts be determined?
7. The City is increasing by 30 percent but only increasing staff by 10 percent. How is the City able to serve its new residents with a 10 percent increase in its workforce?
8. Did residents have a choice about whether to be annexed?
9. How do I contact the City?
10. What form of government does Sugar Land utilize?
11. How do I learn about what’s happening in Sugar Land?
12. Will Greatwood and New Territory receive the same level of services?
13. After annexation will Greatwood and New Territory residents still be required to pay for the costs to repair sidewalks?
14. Will my taxes increase with the annexation? Will I still have to pay MUD and LID taxes?
15. I currently have a homestead exemption and over-65 exemption filed through the FB Appraisal District. Do I have to file new exemptions upon the date of annexation??
16. Will students currently zoned in Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, be rezoned into those schools that are in Fort Bend Independent School District?
17. Does annexation into the City provide additional options to the Greatwood and New Territory communities for internet and/or cable service providers?
18. How is the city paying for the expected increase in service demand to annexed areas?
19. Will the postponement of the design of the new animal shelter and expansion of the emergency operations/dispatch center affect service levels?
20. How is the city preparing to handle the increase in demand for animal services and emergency requests prior to annexation?
21. Is the city of Sugar Land currently responsible for providing both, Fire and Ambulance services to Greatwood and New Territory?
22. Did the city of Sugar Land hire additional personnel and/or added resources to handle the expected increase in emergency service requests from Greatwood and New Territory?
23. How do I pay my water bill?
24. I received the wrong trash/recycle cart size from what I originally requested, how can I change it?