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Request for Function Participation

  1. Use this form to request the Mayor's or a Council Members participation in your event or function.
    Please note that requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.
    Contact Kayla Samek (281-275-2313) for additional questions.

  2. General Event Information

  3. If applicable, please provide background information on your organization/company. This can include history, years in Sugar Land, etc...

  4. If available, upload any flyer, program, or other resource about the event and your organization.

  5. Is the event*

  6. Request Specifics

  7. Who are you requesting?

    You can select more than one.

  8. If the Mayor is unavailable, would you like a Council Member attend in his place?

  9. Are spouses invited?*

  10. Who should be contacted with any questions on the day of the event? Include contact person’s name, office, cell & work number.

  11. Name and address of facility including room number/name, city and zip code.

  12. Will the elected official(s) be expected to speak?*

  13. Only attendance and presence?

  14. Describe the speaking topic and for how long? Are you requesting a speech or informal remarks? Will there be other speakers at this event?

  15. If so, provide names and titles.

  16. Will audio/visual equipment be available for a presentation, i.e., computer, screen, projector, etc.? *

  17. Will there be other speakers at this event?*

  18. If so, describe type of pictures, how the photos will be used, and where they will be shared.

  19. Acknowledgement*

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