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1. Is Sugar Land the only City impacted by this issue with CentralSquare
2. Can you identify exactly who was affected?
3. Why does the City not have all of the information?
4. How will I know if I am affected?
5. Will the city continue to use this payment processor?
6. When did the City know that the violation occurred?
7. What sort of data was compromised? Just credit # or passwords also?
8. Does the City take other payments besides water?
9. Does the City intend to offer any sort of protection shield?
10. How will I be reimbursed or compensated for the breach?
11. Should I withhold my next payment until y’all figure this out?
12. Were only certain types of cards or address breached?
13. What other entities were breached? Maybe my property tax payment?
14. Why did I have to learn about this through the media instead of direct contact?