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1. How is the duration of yellow lights determined?
2. What is the intent of the red light camera program?
3. How many intersections utilize red light cameras in Sugar Land?
4. Are red light cameras effective?
5. Should rolling right turns be treated differently than other red light violations?
6. Is payment of red light violations mandatory?
7. How is red light camera revenue spent?
8. How much revenue does Sugar Land’s red light camera program generate?
9. Is there data on who is running red lights in Sugar Land?
10. What is a red light running violation?
11. Why did I receive this notice of violation?
12. How much is the fine? What about my driving record?
13. What happens if I ignore the notice of violation?
14. What if I am not the driver / owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation?
15. What recourse do I have if I believe the notice of violation was issued erroneously?