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Some violations can be dismissed by presenting certain documents at the clerk's window. The documents should be presented on or before the assigned court date.

Violations and Required Documentation
  • Defective equipment - No turn indicator lights (Proof of repairs, car will be inspected)
  • Defective equipment (Proof of repairs, car will be inspected)
  • Defective muffler (Proof of repairs, car will be inspected)
  • Display blue lights (Proof that lights have been removed, car will be inspected)
  • Driving without driver's license / fail to present license on demand (Current valid Texas Driver's License)
  • Driving without liability insurance (Proof of Insurance on date and time of citation)
  • Failure to change address on driver's license (Texas driver's license with current address)
  • Headlight - improper location (Proof that headlights have been properly installed, car will be inspected)
  • Illegal tail lamps (Proof that vehicle has proper/legal tail lamps) Car will be inspected
  • Operation of motorcycle without seal (Proof motorcycle was properly and correctly registered)
  • Operation of vehicle without license plate or registration (Receipt for registration within 10 days after citation, expired less than 60 days)
  • Operation vehicle with expired license plate (Proof of proper plates assigned to vehicle)
  • Wrong or unclean plate (Proof proper plates assigned to vehicle)

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