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Memorial Project

A plan has been developed for future memorials to recognize Fort Bend County Veterans in Sugar Land Memorial Park. These memorials will be situated in four distinct areas within the Veterans' Memorial area of the park. Each memorial is intended to provoke different emotions. The City of Sugar Land currently has two of the memorials completed for visitors to view as seen in the photos below.

A dedicated group of individuals appointed by City Council worked for several months to determine appropriate locations and features in Memorial Park. The following task force members were selected by City Council to provide input on this effort: Geoff Neossi, Hillary Goldstein, Jim Gordon, Merle Smithers, Tom Garguilo, Shaheed Kajani, Lucia Street, Dr. Tom Parr, Dave Kiger, Jim Hoelker, Floyd Thigpen, Paul Barnett, Larry Davis, Jack Grounds and chaired by Sherrie Knoepfel.

The Task Force met several times in order to familiarize themselves with Sugar Land Memorial Park, review best practices in memorial features and public art design and receive presentations on public art procurement. In addition, the Task Force participated in a design charrette which resulted in a consensus on recommendations for the location in the park and the types of features they believe are appropriate for recognition of our veterans.

The City anticipates utilizing the Task Force recommendation to proceed with the development of the features in the park which will likely happen in phases. The development of the features is something the City Council would like all residents to have the opportunity to contribute to and feel ownership and pride for the memorials. Fundraising features will be forthcoming as a result of these efforts.

The project was unveiled at the City's Memorial Day ceremony at Sugar Land Memorial Park.

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (281) 275-2825, or visit the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation.

Entry to Sugar Land Memorial Park

Entry to Sugar Land Memorial Park

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