Crime Prevention Tips to Avoid Thefts

Sugar Land residents should avoid opening their doors for strangers and never allow them access into their homes. 

Useful tips to help prevent similar crimes:

  • Never open the door for strangers; however, it’s important to acknowledge people knocking on the door to prevent thieves from forcing their way into a home they believe is empty.
  • There’s never a reason for work crews to enter a house.
  • To ensure the validity of workers in the area, call Sugar Land’s non-emergency number at 281-275-2020.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity in the area, including strangers or vehicles that seem out of place. Many crimes are prevented by alert citizens.

Prevent Package Theft at Your Doorstep

As you're making online purchases follow these tips to avoid becoming the victim of package theft. 

  • Sign up for delivery alerts so you know when your delivery is scheduled and when the package has been delivered.
  • If you're not able to be home when a package will be delivered, ask a trusted neighbor to hold it for you.
  • If possible, require a signature for all deliveries.
  • Consider shipping packages to your place of work or use the ship-to-store option.
  • Be a good neighbor! If you see a package on your neighbor's doorstep, reach out and ask if they would like you to hold it until they are home. Better yet, if you work from home, post on Nextdoor and offer to allow your neighbors to send their packages to your house.
  • If you do have any packages stolen, first contact us and then check with your neighbors on Nextdoor to see if they saw anything suspicious.