State of the City and Annual Report

City of Sugar Land Annual Report

The city of Sugar Land is proud to present the 2022 Annual Report. Within this report, you will read about accomplishments that reflect our commitment to being a city that is proactively and relentlessly focused on you as we as we strive to build a community and a place where you can belong, be happy, and find fulfillment.

The future is bright in Sugar Land. We are ready.

The City of Sugar Land's 2022 Annual Report

2023 State of the City Event

Watch as Mayor Joe R. Zimmerman and City Manager Michael W. Goodrum reflect on accomplishments of 2022 and lay the foundation of Sugar Land's "trailblazer" approach - becoming a city that leads the way for others to follow, not being afraid to take risks, to try new things, and to push the limits of what is possible.