Telfair Development Quick Facts

What is the vision for property at US 59 and University Blvd?
The City has high expectations for the development of the property around the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land. The City envisions a mixed use development that positively supports and benefits the City’s investment in the area and the long term sustainability of the City as whole. The Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land and surrounding plaza will be a major focal point of what is planned to be a vibrant, commercial district—an environment that will certainly be attractive to major corporations, residents and visitors. Making Sugar Land a destination for culture and entertainment has been a long-held vision of citizens and City Council.

How will drainage function on the Telfair-Tract 5 site?  Will Ditch H be able to handle the run-off?
Development on Tract 5 will have no impact to Ditch H or Telfair.  The Tract 5 property is within Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District (LID) 17. This LID has provided all of the required detention for existing and future development within its boundaries. The Tract 5 location actually outfalls directly to the Brazos River south west of the UH campus through a control structure that is operated by the LID.  Additionally, there are specific site drainage requirements and standards for development within the City of Sugar Land. All development (commercial, single-family residential, office, etc.) must be built in accordance with city engineering standards and will follow national and local standards. As per City regulations, all development within the City of Sugar Land must have no-impact on other areas to be permitted, when designed for the 1% chance event. 

Is multi-family development part of the project?
No. No standard multi-family units are proposed within the development. The revised plan responds to past citizen input and Newland Communities’ previous commitment to not request multi-family as part of the development. The draft masterplan does include a 250-unit senior independent living use in the proposed plan, which is not considered multi-family and will not have an impact on local school enrollment. No multi-family apartments are being requested.

What keeps Newland from changing the senior independent living facility to multi-family apartments?
The Planned Development zoning ordinance for the proposed project, if approved, will restrict the residential portion to senior independent living units only. Once approved, this could not change without an amendment to the PD zoning, which would include public hearings at Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council and would ultimately require City Council approval. This is similar to the PD Zoning Ordinance at Imperial where a zoning change would be required to make the Overture a multi-family apartment that allows for more diversity of ages.

How will the traffic impact of the proposed development be minimized?
The developer is required to provide a traffic impact analysis and parking analysis that includes roadway and intersection operations as part of the PD zoning process. The goal of the analysis is to best determine how traffic will function on the site, and to determine mitigation measures that will be required – at the developer’s expense – to maintain an optimized flow of regional traffic flow and mitigate the impact on adjacent roadways and neighborhoods. While development, by its nature generates traffic, the City strives to ensure the impact is minimized for all.

Will the proposed project have any impact on school enrollment?
No. Senior independent housing requires that residents be at least 55 years or older, or have at least one spouse over the age of 55. No school-aged children will be living within the Telfair-Tract 5 site as currently proposed. The project will have a positive financial impact on the Fort Bend Independent School District as the site will generate significant property tax dollars that will go to support the Fort Bend ISD alone without resulting in any increase in enrollments.

Why is structured parking proposed considered to be beneficial for this site?
Structured parking is proposed throughout the site to be convenient to the various tenants . As opposed to surface parking, structured parking maximizes the value of land and enhances opportunities for open space and walkway connections. Because office, retail, entertainment, and hotel uses vary with different peak demand times, the amount of parking built will be minimized to the extent possible through shared parking requirements. It is anticipated that the Telfair-Tract 5 Commercial Management District, created by the Texas legislature in 2017, will operate and maintain the parking on the site.

Will there be additional opportunities for public input?
Following Newland Communities’ receipt of public input on the proposed masterplan through January 22, Newland will begin taking the input received into consideration as they prepare their Planned Development zoning application anticipated to be submitted later in the year. Following the submission of their zoning application, there will be public hearings at both Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meetings – as well as an anticipated Online Town Hall prior to the Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing to allow those who cannot attend in person to still provide comments. Collectively, all public input received will be utilized to determine if the plan is acceptable for formal adoption.