Railroad Crossing Concerns

N HWY 6 b.

We recognize that the quality of the crossings needs to be improved, and we continue to communicate our railroad-related concerns to Union Pacific. We will continue to press this issue and others to influence a solution that meets the expectations of the City and our residents.

A Challenging Process

Union Pacific established the railroad and their right of way before the city of Sugar Land was built. UPRR owns the rights to the railroad and all rights of way at the crossings. The City cannot have any work performed within 25 feet of the rail track without proper permits from UPRR.

 Although the City can make some service and project requests to Union Pacific, the request must go through an approval process with the local Union Pacific office as well as the national office. 

The "Ghost Train"

As motorists ourselves, we understand the frustration of the “ghost train” and malfunctioning crossing arms. Since the grade crossings are also in the UPRR right of way, the city does not have any authority of the quality of grade.

How does the City work with UPRR to address these issues?

  • Although the city does not have any authority of the railroad, we are continuing to work with UPRR on notifying the city of any project or construction that will affect our community.
  • The city works with UPRR to consider the concerns of Sugar Land residents during their projects and construction.
  • The working partnership between the city and Union Pacific helps city staff address resident concerns.
  • The City has worked with Union Pacific to establish quiet zones along the railroad in Sugar Land and construct the crossing at University Blvd. City staff continue to work with UPRR on several other crossing modifications related to City road projects as well as rail grade and roughness issues.

What Can I do?

  • We encourage residents use the Traffic and Railroad Monitoring feature on the MySLTX App or visit its.sugarlandtx.gov to monitor railroad crossings and view real-time traffic data.
  • If residents have any questions or concerns about the railroad, contact the UPR Response Management Communications Center at (888)-877-7267.