The Hill Community Engagement

In recent years, residents and property owners in The Hill have voiced their concern regarding the increased redevelopment of houses in The Hill. In addition, the recently adopted Land Use Plan recommends a project for the City to engage with the neighborhood to explore the topic further. The purpose of the project is to establish a vision for redevelopment of The Hill neighborhood and determine whether additional development regulations are desired in order to maintain the character of the neighborhood.

The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee

On September 18, 2018, City Council appointed The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee via Resolution Number 18-30. The Committee will help draft and provide guidance on the redevelopment vision for The Hill and serve to champion that vision based on neighborhood input.

The Hill HR-1 Zoning District

The following Quick Reference Guide pulls excerpts from the Development Code for The Hill residential zoning district HR-1. This guide is not a substitute to the regulations found in the Development Code and Code of Ordinances.

Stay Informed!

Residents and property owners of The Hill are encouraged to participate in the public engagement process.

10/15/19 City Council Workshop
7/31/19 Vision for The Hill - Public Meeting #2
2018 .
12/17/18 Vision for The Hill - Public Meeting #1
11/14-17/19 Connecting Over Coffee - Vision for The Hill Neighborhood Listening Sessions
9/18/18 City Council Meeting
8/28/18 City Council Workshop

TheHill_Map_webThe Hill boundaries based on the recently adopted 2018 Future Land Use Map.

The Hill - Company Town Neighborhood

Learn more about The Hill's early days as one of Sugar Land's company town neighborhoods.

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