Fiscal Year 2019

Bid Type Bid # Bid Description Status Tab Award
RFQ 2019-01 Soldiers Field Drive Extension to Hwy 6 - Roundabout at First Colony Boulevard   View  
RFP 2019-02 Stop Loss Award View View
RFQ 2019-03 Asset Management Program and Risk Assessment of Groundwater Treatment Plants and Wastewater Collection System   View  
RFQ 2019-04 Asset Management Program and Risk Assessment of Citywide Vertical Construction Buildings   View  
RFQ 2019-06 Public Safety Dispatch Assessment Award View View
RFQ 2019-05 Engineering Design for Green Fields and Mesquite North Drainage Improvements in Settlers Park Subdivisiion Award View View
CIP  2019-001 New Territory Water Well No. 3 and River Park Water Well No. 2 Rehabilitation Award View View
CIP 2019-002 Greatwood Water Plant No. 1 and No. 2 Hydrotank Additions Award View View
CIP 2019-003 Williams Trace Boulevard Irrigation Rebid View  
RFQ 2019-07 Wastewater Master Plan Update   View  
ITB 2019-10 Purchase of Water Parts Award View View
RFP  2019-08 Enterprise Resource Planning System Replacement   View  
RFP 2019-09 Consultant - Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation Award View View
CIP 2019-004 City of Sugar Land Service Work - MU1712 Rebid View  
CIP 2019-005 City of Sugar Land New Service Ground - MU1712 Rebid View  
CIP 2019-006 Cullinan Park Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) System Rebid View View
CIP 2019-007 Williams Trace Boulevard Irrigation Award View View
ITB 2019-12 US90A - HWY 59 Hardscape Improvements   View  
RFP 2019-11 Website Redesign and Content Management System   View  
RFQ 2019-13 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan Update   View  
CIP 2019-008 Oyster Creek Siphon Replacement Project   View  
CIP 2019-009 City of Sugar Land Service Entrance Rework and New Service Ground   View  
RFQ 2019-14 Hazard Mitigation Action Plan Update   View  
ITB 2019-15 Three Tier High Site 10 Project   View