Project: Animal Shelter Bond Package

The Vision of the City of Sugar Land Animal Services Division is to foster and support a community where all animals are treated humanely and with compassion, and in which there is a forever home for every adoptable animal. 

In order to achieve this vision, Sugar Land Animal Services works to: provide education about responsible animal care, pet ownership and living with animals; prevent cruelty to animals; find forever homes for every adoptable stray and impounded animal; and protect the health and safety of Sugar Land’s citizens and animals in connection with animal issues.

Photos of Original Shelter

The City’s current animal shelter was built in 2008 with funds from surplus sales tax. As the City’s first indoor shelter, it was designed to meet the needs of a growing city by housing a total of 24 dogs and 35 cats and to provide approximately 150 adoptions per year. A 2015 Facilities Master Plan Update determined that the design capacity of the existing facility had been exceeded, and there was not sufficient space to accommodate expected growth. For example, Sugar Land Animal Services completed a total of 829 adoptions in Fiscal Year 2018.

Photos of Current Shelter

A 2016 expansion study developed facility expansion options and recommended interim improvements for the existing shelter. As a result of the expansion study, the City Council selected the vacant site located on Highway 6 next to the Municipal Court and Police Building for construction of a new shelter.  This property is currently owned by the City and provides much-improved access to the shelter.

In early 2017, the City partnered with PGAL and Animal Arts, architectural design firms with expertise in animal care facilities, to confirm the size, scope, site layout and approximate budget for the new animal shelter. To ensure the project encompasses community objectives, the City’s Animal Advisory Board was expanded from 5 to 11 members. The Animal Advisory Board has focused on the review of Animal Services programs and operations, animal shelter expansion space planning and the development of funding options.

With the annexation of Greatwood and New Territory on December 2017, an interim expansion of the current animal shelter was completed through the addition of an existing building which was renovated and relocated to the shelter, increasing the floor space by 56 percent (increasing interim capacity to 62 dogs and 112 cats). While this improvement provided a temporary expansion, the construction of a new Animal Shelter will address projected growth through 2030 and house a total of 70 dogs and 132 cats at any given time.