In 2007, the City of Sugar Land adopted its first Master Drainage Plan (MDP) as a tool to guide and implement continuous drainage planning. An update to the MDP in 2014 provided a basis for formulating and prioritizing the City’s drainage capital improvement projects, and identified future activities to assist in drainage planning and flood control.


  • Austin Park/Chimneystone Drainage Improvements
  • Riverbend Stormwater Inlets and Pipes Replacement
  • Avalon/Brazos Landing/Commonwealth Drainage Improvements Phase I - Lake Control Structure Modification
  • Avalon/Brazos Landing/Commonwealth Drainage Improvements Phase II - Elkins Road
  • Telfair Drainage Improvements - New Territory Blvd & Chatham

In recent years, the City of Sugar Land has experienced several major storm events that have caused structure flooding and severe street ponding in several areas.

Following Harvey, the City conducted damage assessments, identifying locations of house flooding and high water marks. Also, a joint drainage study with FB LID #2 was conducted. Engineering staff combined areas of concern identified after the 2015 and 2016 events with Harvey affected areas.

In December 2017,  the Sugar Land City Council approved four Drainage Study Projects. Projects were identified in Settlers Park, Chimneystone, Austin Park, and Riverbend neighborhoods. A few major thoroughfares were also identified as experiencing excessive ponding depths and durations during major storm events including Elkins Road, Commonwealth Boulevard, and the intersection at New Territory Boulevard and Chatham Avenue. 

Through the studies, the City ranked proposed projects per the Drainage Master Plan criteria and developed a drainage improvement plan to address existing flooding issues. The studies identified and prioritized areas that require reconstruction of the existing drainage system to reduce structure flooding risks and to reduce street ponding depths and durations during major storm events. 

The findings from the studies were shared in a workshop presentation with City Council where all identified projects were reviewed in prioritized order that each ranked in accordance with the MDP policy criteria.

Project: Covington Drainage Improvements – Covington West & Imperial Woods

To address street flooding, the 2013 Drainage Study identified improvements to reduce street ponding depth and duration within the Covington Woods neighborhood areas of Covington West and Imperial Woods. As of 2019, four projects have been completed in the area.  

The proposed drainage project is a continuation of the Covington Wood Drainage Improvement Regional Plan which addresses roadway ponding during medium to extreme rain events and decreased mobility due to impassable roads and excessive drainage time for ponding areas.

Project: Greatwood Village Drainage Improvements

The May 7, 2019 flood event caused several structures to flood in Greatwood Village. As a result, the City plans to study, design, and construct improvements to the storm sewer system in Greatwood Village, including replacement of inlets and upsizing the storm sewer pipes, and outfall structure.