• Sugar Creek Drainage Improvements - Montclair Dr.
  • Country Club Blvd Improvements - Sugar Creek to Chesterfield

East Sugar Creek is a tributary to Sugar Creek which generally flows south from US Highway 90A to the confluence with Sugar Creek near the Riverbend Country Club. The creek is fed by an extensive storm sewer network throughout the neighborhood and commercial areas. The East Sugar Creek watershed had historically been an area from which the City has received drainage complaints with regards to street flooding. 

In 2014, to address the flooding and drainage issues, a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was conducted to determine the capacity of the subdivisions’ storm sewer system and to develop effective recommendations to reduce the risk of street flooding. 

The proposed projects include the upsizing of existing storm sewer pipes, outfall and inlets along with pavement replacement along the entire stretch of Montclair Dr. from the outfall of the Centerpoint easement up to Country Club Boulevard and reconstruction of Country Club Boulevard from Sugar Creek Boulevard to Chesterfield Lane.

Country Club Blvd has been evaluated over the years through the City’s Pavement Management Program. With drainage improvements impacting the intersections of Country Club Blvd and Montclair and the current pavement condition rating for Country Club Blvd, it was recommended to reconstruct the segment of Country Club between Sugar Creek and the city limits.