Mike Goodrum

Mike Goodrum cropJob Title

City Manager

Alma Mater

B.S. in Political Science from Texas A&M; Public Executive Institute - LBJ School

Describe your job in 30 words or less.

I can describe it in one word: awesome.  I’m in the unique position to serve both the employees I’m entrusted to lead and the public that have entrusted us with their safety, their loved ones and their possessions.

What song best describes your workday or job?

The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan

You started off as an intern for the City of Sugar Land. When did you intern? Which department did you intern for?

1999 in the department of Parks and Recreation

What attracted you to join the City of Sugar Land’s team?

It was 1999 and I saw an internship posting on a wall at the University I was attending. It was for the Intern to the City Manager, and I thought that would be good experience. Ultimately, I didn’t get that position, but I received a call from the Parks & Recreation Director the next week offering me an internship.

When/how did you move into a full-time position?

I gave it my all as an intern and wanted to impress the City staff. I was always told the best interview for a job is an internship. Luckily, I made an impression and was told I was always welcome back. A few years later, I called about a job they hadn’t had luck filling and was hired as a Parks Development Coordinator.

Mike Goodrum circa 1999

How did your internship experience prepare you for the transition to a full-time role?

While I was in college, I had three internships — oddly enough they were with local, state and federal governments. These internships prepared me for what a professional work environment looked like and how to interact with full-time staffers. I learned how to write professional reports and interact in meetings. The internships prepared me well because when I started full time it felt like just an extension of my internship experience.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Building relationships with the employees and the public.

What advice would you give to future City of Sugar Land interns?

Make yourself relevant. Don’t just go through the motions; find ways to contribute and gain valuable experience.