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An update from Dr. Joe Anzaldua, city of Sugar Land health authority: May 27

As we slowly resume our normal lives under orders issued by Gov. Greg Abbott, we must continue to protect our most vulnerable populations. A strong economy is important, but the safety of our community will always be our first priority. Until we have a vaccine, we must learn to live with the threat of this disease. Dr. Joe Anzaldua, Sugar Land’s public health authority, has been working closely with staff and regional health officials to gradually reopen businesses and city facilities. A slow, phased approach has been developed that places a priority on the safety of our community while complying with the governor’s orders. These decisions are guided by close collaboration with the Fort Bend County Health Department and guidance from the CDC.

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Mayor Joe Zimmerman: May 22

Mayor Zimmerman provides the latest on the phased re-opening plan for the City’s parks facilities and programs in line with Phase II of the Governor’s Open Texas Plan.

What to know 

  • The Imperial Park Recreation Center reopened for restricted use on Monday, May 18.  There are new procedures and operating hours for the center -- visit to learn more BEFORE you go. Parks, benches and picnic tables not under a picnic pavilion or adjacent to a playground or other play feature are now open for use. The Skate Park and Pawm Springs Dog Park also reopened earlier this week.
  • While you are visiting any of our City facilities, please make sure to follow all social distancing guidelines, consider wearing a cloth face covering and please do not enter if you aren’t feeling well.
  • As new phases of the Governor’s Open Texas Plan are announced, we will revisit the reopening of additional City parks facilities and programs in line with any new orders. We will continue making these decisions based on the advice of our health authorities. Future openings will include currently closed or suspended programs and amenities, such as:
    • 4+ person sports like volleyball and basketball,
    • Park pavilion and building reservations,
    • Day camps, sports camps, special events and the T.E. Harman Senior Center,
    • Playgrounds,
    • Splash pads, and
    • Drinking Fountains. 

For Parks and Recreation information

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Fire Chief Doug Boeker: May 18

As we now begin to gradually re-open our economy and move from crisis mode to sustained mitigation and management, it’s important that we don’t let our guard down.  This pandemic will not be over soon, so we need to be prepared for possible periodic resurgences of disease over the next two years. We must continue to protect our most vulnerable populations. We remain in close contact with nursing homes and assisted living facilities in our city. The city hosts a conference call with all Sugar Land nursing homes every other week to keep them up to date on the virus.  Through a partnership with the state of Texas and our local emergency services partners, we will survey every licensed nursing facility in our city.  During the next two weeks, we will ensure every nursing home employee and resident is tested for COVID-19. This is a part of a statewide effort, and we are already developing plans to expand this testing to other facilities if necessary. The safety of our community must be a shared goal -- everyone should continue doing the simple things that will keep us all safe.

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Mayor Joe Zimmerman: May 15

Mayor Zimmerman provides the latest on how the City is responding to the Governor’s Open Texas plan and supporting local small businesses through the Safe & Well Campaign.

What to know

  • The safety of our residents has and will always be our number one priority in Sugar Land. We must all work together to create a new normal that balances public safety with economic recovery.
  • The Sugar Land Legacy Foundation has launched the Safe & Well campaign to provide local small businesses with the supplies they need to reopen and keep their employees and customers safe. Request supplies and donate to the cause at
  • We are all a part of keeping Sugar Land moving forward. As we define our new normal and begin venturing out into the community again, our individual actions remain important in protecting ourselves, our families, and our community.

For business resources and support:

Safe & Well Campaign:

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Nicole Solis, Assistant Director of ENS: May 11

We are strongly committed to working closely with our business community to keep the public safe and our economy strong. We’ve continued this approach as the governor issues updated orders allowing the gradual reopening of even more businesses such as barber shops, hair/nail/cosmetology stores, tanning salons and swimming pools.  We want to stress the importance of the health protocols established to allow these businesses to reopen. A few examples include 6 feet of distance between clients, no extra people at appointments, mandatory face coverings and washing hands upon entry. Sharing lessons learned at places that have stayed open all along, such as grocery stores, has been invaluable. We encourage continued patience while we all adapt to these new changes. They are intended to keep our city safe and prosperous.  This pandemic may be with us for the foreseeable future, so we must adapt and adjust to what lies ahead.

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Jennifer Brown, Director of Finance: May 7

Unprecedented social distancing measures issued by the state and county have been necessary to protect us during the COVID-19 public health disaster. The shared hardships we are all experiencing are creating financial challenges that won’t go away anytime soon.  We are actively evaluating the FY21 budget through this event and planning for multiple scenarios- recognizing that we can be hopeful for a quick recovery, but prepared if it doesn’t happen. Through our ongoing financial resiliency efforts, we have already implemented budgetary restraints such as limiting spending to essential items and placing a hold on new initiatives and special projects.  It is our goal to build as much resiliency as we can so that we can be prepared to take action, whenever the data is available.  Our decisions will always be guided by our goal to promote a strong economy and be a financial leader.  A focus on strengthening our resiliency allows us to both improve quality of life and minimize our residential tax burden.

An update from the city of Sugar Land - Nicole Solis, Assistant Director of ENS: May 4

As the city focuses on ensuring compliance with Governor Abbott¹s Open Texas executive orders, we have streamlined a process to help the re-opening efforts to better serve both our residents and the business community.  This has been a multi-layered, sustained approach, and planning began weeks ago in anticipation of the governor¹s order.  We have a shared goal to balance public safety with economic resiliency as we move from crisis mode to sustained mitigation and management. We must create the kind of confidence that enables everyone to safely go back to work and visit our businesses. As an example of our efforts to support the governor¹s Open Texas orders, we are regularly meeting with restaurant owners to ensure required health protocols are in place to keep the public safe and ensure our businesses thrive and remain open.

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