Performance and Accountability

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Organization & Structure
  3. Services and Levels

Mission Statement

The Office of Performance and Accountability (OPA) is committed to improving accountability, innovation, transparency and efficiency by empowering the organization to understand and use data to drive decisions and enhance performance for optimal service delivery.   

Executive Summary

The City of Sugar Land’s Office of Performance and Accountability is responsible for organizational process improvement, data analytics, accountability initiatives, and performance measures. The goal of these programs is to enhance accountability, efficiency and effectiveness with departments and offices. The office consists of a total 5 full time employees with a fiscal year 2020 budget of $501,942Operational hours are Monday through Friday8 A.M. to 5 P.M. 

The Office of Performance and Accountability’s main responsibilities include: 

  • conducting organizational (departmental) assessments and process improvement initiatives; 

  • oversight of the Performance and City Council Goal Measures Programs; 

  • execution of the Service Delivery Plan process; and 

  • developing innovative solutions for the City of Sugar Land to track and present data in the most efficient way. 

  • aligning the city’s top priorities with the Sugar Land Way. 

Current projects are included below but is not limited to the following: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) -  Along with the Information Technology Department, lead the ERP replacement project for City’s core Finance, Human Capital, Community Development, and Enterprise Asset Management Software System thus allowing the City employees to improve operational excellence, increasing organizational effectiveness, and process efficiency. 

  • Responsible for conducting organizational (departmental) assessments and process improvement initiatives for three divisions: 

  • Facilities Management Division within the Environmental and Neighborhood Services Division;  

  • Permits  Division within the Building Safety Department: 

  • Streets Division within the Public Works Department 

The Office of Performance and Accountability drives performance improvements and accountability throughout the organization in order to assist management and department leaders to make informed decisions that impact the City residents. This is done by working closely with departments to identify process improvements or by finding ways to provide services to residents faster and more efficient than before. We strive to provide transparency to our residents on the performance of the City by establishing programs that communicate organizational performance on key operations selected by the City Council. Some examples include a dashboard located on the City’s website that shows the performance of 30 measures that were selected by the City Council based on their top priorities for servicesThe City Council goal measures dashboard is available on the City website at Goal Measures DashboardOPA focuses on continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery through innovation and data analytics to enhance performance. 

Awards and Accolades

The Performance and Accountability Office has received two awards in the past two years. These include: 

  • 2019 Digital Interactive Overall Website – Goal Measures Dashboard award from the City-County Communications & Marketing Association (3CMA); and 

  • 2019 International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Certificate of Distinction Award in Performance Management.