Rescheduling a Court Date

You may request a one-time reset for an Initial Appearance in person at the lobby window, by mail, or by fax.  The fax number is (281) 275-2616.  The extension can be granted only once and only for a two week period.  If more time is needed, a courtroom appearance is needed to ask for more time.  

A Motion for Continuance isfiled to reschedule a Pre-trial, Jury trial, or Bench trial court date.  Any and all requests to reset a court datemust be supported by documentation and are subject to approval by the Judge.  If your motion is approved, a notice with thenew court date will be mailed or faxed to the requestor.  It is the responsibility of the defendant orthe attorney to follow-up with the court to verify if the request has beenapproved.