The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) Zoning District

What is the HR-1 Zoning District?

The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district is one of the standard zoning districts in the City of Sugar Land. The City uses zoning to regulate land uses and the physical development of land such as the size of buildings, and how buildings relate to their surroundings, including other buildings, open spaces, and the street.

The HR-1 zoning district is a residential zoning district for the neighborhood known as The Hill and was created with the adoption of the Development Code in 1997. This area is zoned differently due to the historic nature of the homes in this area, dating back to the 1920s when Sugar Land was a company town. 

Upcoming 2021 Changes to the HR-1 Zoning Regulations

As a result of a December 2020 survey of the Hill Community, staff is preparing to implement community supported design standards. Click here to learn more.