Complete Count Committee

The City has formed a Complete Count Committee (CCC). The CCC is a resident committee responsible for education and outreach for the 2020 Census in Sugar Land. The purpose of the Committee is to inform residents about the importance and benefits of an accurate count. The Committee will work to:

  • Increase Census response rate through a focused and structured  community campaign;
  • Design and promote a census awareness campaign targeted to the demographically diverse communities across the City; and 
  • Encourage prompt self-response to the Census, eliminating the time and tax dollars spent sending enumerators (Census employees) door-to-door to collect forms

The Committee work began in September with an orientation and will extend through June 2020.

Committee Members

  • Afshan Merchant
  • Al Lockwood
  • Apurva Parikh
  • Arvind Thekdi 
  • Avani Thakkar
  • Doug Earle
  • Elizabeth Woods
  • Howard Paul 
  • Leon Anhaiser 
  • Maria Metoyer
  • Mohammed Dosani
  • Patrick Hood
  • Phillip Butler
  • Ramesh Patel
  • Terri Wang