Lakeview Rezoning

Property owners east of Wood Street expressed concern to City Council regarding the modified Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district regulations that were adopted in July 2021. City Council asked staff to work with Lakeview property owners to determine next steps, which includes gathering input from property owners on whether this area should be rezoned.

Provide Input by September 17

On August 30, 2021, city staff sent a letter to property owners within the boundary identified on the map to solicit input on whether or not their property should be rezoned from the Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district to the Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning district. The letter included a paper Rezoning Input Form and a link to an online version of the form that must be completed by September 17, 2021. 

The compiled responses from properties along Lakeview Drive (east of Wood Street, refer to map)  will be reviewed by staff to determine whether or not to rezone the north, south or both sides of Lakeview Drive.

If you own property in this area and did not receive a letter, please contact Abigail Martinez at or 281-253-6464.

Comparing the R-1 vs HR-1 Zoning Districts

All properties within the City of Sugar Land must be placed in a zoning district. Each zoning district has zoning regulations, also referred to as development regulations. Zoning districts and their respective regulations serve to administrate land uses and the physical development of land such as size of buildings, how buildings relate to their surroundings, open spaces, and the street. 

The following table provides a snapshot of the difference between regulations for the Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning district and the Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district. Click on the image to see the entire table. 

Regulation Comparison Table_R-1_v2_Web_Page_1

Lakeview Rezoning Map

Next Steps

*Occurs only if area property owners are in agreement to move forward with rezoning.
September 17 Deadline to submit Rezoning Input Form
October City staff notifies property owners of results
November *Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing and Recommendation
December *City Council Public Hearing and vote on rezoning