Activity Centers Implementation

City Council adopted an update to the City’s Land Use Plan (Plan) on August 7, 2018 (Ordinance No. 2119). The Land Use Plan is Chapter 6 of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and one of eight official master plans. The Plan is intended to guide the development and redevelopment of Sugar Land into the future.  The Land Use Plan outlines policy direction and guidance for making land use decisions and reaching the City’s long-term vision.


An essential element of the long-term vision is the creation of Regional Activity Centers and Neighborhood Activity Centers (Activity Centers), which will be mixed use areas that are regional and neighborhood hubs of activity.

LUP Goals

One of the High Priority Action Items in the Land Use Plan directs the City to evaluate the best way to implement Activity Centers, including consideration of creating new zoning district(s) or utilizing the Planned Development (PD) District. As a result, in early 2021 the City initiated a project to identify appropriate methods for promoting mixed-use development and redevelopment in the Activity Centers through zoning and economic incentives. 

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