FY23 - Capital Improvement Program

FY23-27 Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The Five Year CIP totals $294 million with $99 million recommended for FY23 funding.  Drainage makes up the largest portion of projects at nearly 39%, followed by streets and municipal projects.

Thanks to a zero interest loan from the Texas Water Development Board to fund the Chimneystone / Austin Park Drainage Improvements and growth in property values, the projects can be accelerated with no increase to the overall tax rate, through a reallocation from the M&O portion of the tax rate to the Debt Portion.

In the Five Year CIP, Surface Water, Wastewater and Water make up the largest portion of the CIP as the City implements the Integrated Water Resource Plan and  prepares for the 2027 60% Groundwater Reduction Mandate. The 2019 GO bond program is structured to be completed with all projects funded for construction by FY25.

FY23 CIP Chart
FY23-27 CIP Chart

2019 GO Bond Program Update

The FY23 CIP accelerates the majority of the remaining drainage and public safety projects from where they were shown in the FY22 CIP.  With the FY23 projects, we will be 74% funded on the $90.76 million in authorized projects.

GO bond projects funded in FY23 total $25.6 million and include:

  • Avalon / Brazos Landing / Commonwealth Drainage Improvements
  • Covington Woods Drainage Improvements - Covington West (suppl by CO's through TWDB loan)
  • Public Safety & Public Services Building Rehabilitation
  • Public Safety Training Facility (Ph II Construction)
  • Emergency Operations Center / Public Safety Dispatch Building (design)
  • Animal Shelter (design)
  • University Blvd Widening (FBC Mobility Bond project)
  • Major Street Rehabilitation

Fiscal Year 2023 Projects

FY23 capital projects total $98,947,000. Drainage projects make up the majority of the distribution at 39%, followed by Streets projects with 20%, and Municipal projects with a total of 13%. Water at 11%, Wastewater at 10%, while Parks, Airport, Surface Water, and Traffic projects combine for 8.2% of the approved project budgets for the FY23 CIP. 

Drainage projects total $38,280,000 and include: Avalon/Brazos Landing/ Commonwealth Drainage Impr Phase II, Covington Woods Drainage Improvements, and Oyster Creek Diversion Channel.

Streets projects total $19,420,000 and include: Owens Road, Major Street Rehabilitation, and widening of University Blvd.

Municipal projects total $12,900,000 and include: Animal Shelter, Public Safety & Public Services Building Rehabilitation, Public Safety Training Facility- Phase II, Emergency Operations Center/Public Safety Dispatch Building, City Hall Underground Storage Tank Improvements, Public Works Campus above Ground Diesel Tank Improvements, and Economic Development Suite Renovation.

Water projects total $10,719,000 and include: Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation, Distribution System Water Main Rehabilitation, SCADA Improvements, Regional W Facility Siting and Conveyance Study, Well Rehabilitation, Ground Water Plant Rehabilitation, Greatwood and RiverPark Water System Capacity Improvements Evaluation and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Wastewater projects total $9,525,000 and include: Collection Systems, Lift Stations Analysis and Rehabilitation,  Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements (North Plant), West Wastewater Treatment Plan Expansion Study, Evaluation of Greatwood WWTP Rehabilitation Alternatives, Tract 2 Wastewater Improvements, and South WWTP Odor Control System Design and Construction.

Surface Water projects total $260,000 and include: Telfair Raw Water Pump Station Rehab.

Parks projects total $6,078,000 and include: First Colony Trail, Ditch H Trail, Joint Participation in CIP, Cullinan Park Improvements - PH III, and Relocate Skate Park to Crown Festival / Pickle ball Courts at City Park.

Airport project totals $1,265,000 for Runway Reconstruction Project.  

Traffic projects total $500,000 and include: Landscape Replacement for Major Roadways and Enhancement projects and SH6/Settler's Way Intersection Improvements