Animal Services Monthly Reports

It is the goal of Sugar Land Animal Services to foster and support a community where all animals are treated humanely and with compassion, and in which there is a forever home for every adoptable animal. The City of Sugar Land utilizes a software system named Chameleon to document all animals from intake through final disposition. Due to the constantly fluctuating number of animals in the City’s care, there may be a slight variance in the reported data.

2023 Animal Services Reports

About the reported data

An animal’s age category may change during the report period due to:

  • A transition between age ranges (ex. animal transitions from “Up to 5 month” to an “Adult”). Any changes in an animal’s age is reflected in the Ending Animal Count.
  • The estimated age documented during the mandatory hold period may change with a medical evaluation. At the end of the hold period, a full medical evaluation is completed at which point the animal’s age is confirmed.

As additional information is obtained regarding an animal, the system is updated with the most recent information. The data shown on this report reflects animal history as of the date the report was run. 

Sugar Land Animal Services does not euthanize for space, time or breed. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult decision that is only taken in cases where an animal is untreatable or un-rehabilitatable. Thus, the number for “euthanasia of treatable/rehabilitatable” is zero.  

Animal Services Rate Calculation Method 

  • (Intake – died in care – lost in care – euthanasia of treatable/rehabilitatable) ÷ Intake


Animals that expired from acute illness or injury, while undergoing treatment, on their way to treatment, or neonates.