The Pearl at Lake Pointe Planned Development

The City received a zoning application for a Planned Development District (PD) – Final Development Plan for 6.5 acres of property located at the intersection of Creekbend Drive and Creekbend Drive just south of the Fluor Corporation. The project proposal consists of a mix of multi-family units and live/work units with a structured parking garage to serve the development. 

The proposal is for 370 multi-family units and 5 live/work units. The 370 multi-family units will consist of a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. The 5 live/work units will be located along the southern portion of the building facing Creek Bend Drive and the Milano Event Center, and will provide for office focused uses to be located on the ground floor of these units.

The development includes 9,600 sf of flex office co-working space for lease adjacent to a 4,425 sf meeting space fronting Creek Bend Drive. The development will also include a 2,000 sf café/coffee shop and co-working business lounge open to the public located on the ground floor.

This site is located in the Lake Pointe Regional Activity Center as identified in the City’s Land Use Plan, adopted by City Council in August of 2018.  Please refer to this link for information on what a Regional Activity Center is in the Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan identifies that uses in this center should include offices, residential, retail/entertainment, and hotels. Please refer to this link to the Lake Pointe Regional Activity Center for details.

The Land Use Plan also provides guidance when multi-family developments are proposed that provides for a cap on the amount of multi-family units allowed, and outlines specific design features to ensure appropriate integration of multi-family within an overall development proposal. 

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The Pearl at Lake Pointe Planned Development Map

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The Pearl at Lake Pointe Planned Development

The Zoning Process

When a property owner submits a zoning application, city staff provides a comprehensive review of the proposal prior to initiating the public meeting process. The public meeting process with the Planning & Zoning Commission typically proceeds as follows:

  • A public hearing is scheduled where the Commissioners ask questions and provide feedback on the proposal to staff and the applicant team. This is also where any members of the public are invited to speak regarding the proposal.
  • The next meeting with the Planning & Zoning Commission is where staff would provide a recommendation to the Commission on the proposal, and where the Commission would ultimately provide a recommendation to the City Council.

It is important to note that simply moving an application through the zoning application and meeting process is no guarantee of staff support or ultimate Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council approval.

The first step in the meeting process is for the Planning & Zoning Commission to hold a Public Hearing on the zoning application. This meeting was held on March 23, 2023 where there were a handful of public speakers that were in support of the project, and the Commission was able to provide their feedback on the item. The next step will be for the Planning & Zoning Commission to provide their recommendation on the item to City Council. That meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2023.

This upcoming meeting agenda, which will include the detailed information and graphics on the project proposal, will be posted on the city’s website by Thursday, April 6, 2023.

Upcoming Meetings Agendas & Information

Date Meeting
March 23, 2023  Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing
April 11, 2023 Planning & Zoning Commission - Consideration & Action

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