Bringing Activity Centers to Life through Mixed-Use Zoning

The City of Sugar Land is actively working on ways to enhance our community’s quality of life through the creation of new mixed-use zoning regulations. These mixed-use zoning regulations are especially important as the City finds the best way to respond to long-term shifts in market demands and demographic trends. Implementing Activity Centers combines offices, housing, retail, entertainment, and civic uses, which were identified in the 2018 Land Use Plan (LUP)

When we updated the Land Use Plan (a component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which serves as a guide to how the City should develop and redevelop and evolve over time to reflect changing conditions) in 2018, we heard through that process that residents wanted mixed-use type areas in our community. They wanted not just a mix of uses, but they want us to create places where people can gather outside of work, school and their homes. 

About the Mixed-Use Zoning Code

Sugar Land is updating its Development Code to adopt two mixed-use zoning districts in support of the Land Use Plan (LUP). 

The proposed new districts are:

Mixed-Use Neighborhood (MU-N)

Intended to accommodate primarily residential uses with limited community, educational, commercial uses, and incidental or accessory uses. Residential uses in the MU-N district are intended to offer a diverse mix of housing opportunities at varied densities consistent with the Land Use Plan’s Neighborhood Activity Centers (NACs).

Mixed-Use Regional (MU-R)

Intended to provide for pedestrian-friendly areas of medium- to higher-density residential development and compatible nonresidential uses such as lodging, offices, supporting commercial and service uses, other civic and community uses, and incidental or accessory uses consistent with the Land Use Plan’s Regional Activity Centers (RACs).

For a summary of all the changes included in the draft mixed-use zoning code, please click here.

City of Sugar Land Activity Centers and Acreage


Please note: timeframes are subject to change and will be updated when available

Action Date
Joint Planning & Zoning Commission / City Council Workshop #1  Tuesday, May 9
Joint Planning & Zoning Commission / City Council Workshop #2  June / July
Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing and Recommendation  August / September
City Council Public Hearing & 1st Reading & 2nd Reading September

Six Essential Elements for Mixed-Use Districts

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  1. What the Mixed-Use Code Does
  2. 1. Provide A Home Nearby For Family
  3. 2. Enable Walkable Places For People
  4. 3. Facilitate Less Driving And More Living Through Reduced Parking
  5. 4. Respect Adjacent Neighborhoods
  6. 5. Streamline And Reward Innovative Development
  7. 6. Accelerate Redevelopment

What will the Mixed-Use Code Do?


  1. Provide A Home Nearby For Family
  2. Enable Walkable Places For People
  3. Facilitate Less Driving, More Living: Reduced Parking
  4. Respect Adjacent Neighborhoods
  5. Streamline and Reward Innovative Development
  6. Accelerate Redevelopment

For a summary of all the changes included in the draft mixed-use zoning code, please click here

Public Engagement

On Monday May 8th at Sugar Land City Hall, the City hosted a mixed-use town hall to introduce the new mixed-use zoning regulations and get initial feedback from residents. About 30 attendees learned more about City Council’s redevelopment priority as well as information from our guest speakers Dr. Jeronimo Cortina, Shana Hardin and Matt Goebel. Shortly afterwards, attendees had an opportunity to learn more about the draft mixed use zoning code and chat with staff. 

Couldn't make it? No worries. You can see photos from the town hall and view the recorded presentation in its entirety below. 

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