Assistant Director Elizabeth Mangum

Assistant Director

Elizabeth Mangum spent many years with American General Corporation which is now AIG. Her Shareholder Services position was fun and exciting and she experienced, issuance, conversion and redemption of common stock, debentures, stock splits, and even a hostile takeover attempt.  Afterwards, she found a passion of becoming a public servant with the Houston Fire Department. Her career started with Budget but was asked to come to the HR side of the Department.  When she left there as Assistant Director, HFD’s budget was $214M, 300+ civilians and 3600 uniformed personnel.  She found opportunity to join Sugar Land Fire Department and has seen it grow exponentially and most recently acquire full-service EMS.  Her passion is to serve and support those around her. She is super proud (and never been happier) with the group she works with, laughs with, and conquers whatever goal/project comes their way.   

Elizabeth received her associate while working full time and being a wife and stepmom, and immediately pursued her bachelor’s degree. Elizabeth enjoys running, hiking, traveling, and meeting up with friends. After almost 30 years within the fire industry, she still hopes that maybe…just maybe…one day she can become a firefighter via osmosis.     

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