Hello Sugar Land Park

Have you ever wanted to talk to your local park? Ever wanted to tell them how you feel about their playgrounds or bike trails?

Now is your chance!

Hello Parks is an interactive installation that connects users to 21 of our Sugar Land parks allowing anyone to engage in a text exchange with some of Sugar Land’s favorite places. Conversations are insightful, thought provoking and are powered by artificial intelligence. The parks may even ask YOU some questions.  

Hello Park

Hello Park Sign

Why is Sugar Land doing this?

Sugar Land has always been a trailblazing city - fearlessly forging new paths and surpassing expectations while delivering top-tier services to our residents. According to our last Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 95% of residents love calling Sugar Land home and 10% say that nothing would make their lives better than it already is. Yet, we know that we cannot rely on accomplishments of the past to ensure future success. 

History has plenty of cautionary tales about organizations that didn't feel they needed to evolve, resulting in their slow slip into irrelevancy. We aspire to be ambitious, innovative, forward-thinking, and obsessed with making the world better. 

Through this platform we want to provide an additional resource for our park users to find answers to questions about park activities, events and provide general information as well as finding out from you how your parks can best serve you, the user.  

How are you doing it/ how does it work?

Conversations can be started by simply scanning the QR code on one of the park signs. It’s simple and easy to use and there are no apps to install and no registration forms to fill out. Anticipated questions and answers are programmed into the system, which is aided by AI in order to engage in the conversation. We have tried to think of everything you may ask but we will be reviewing the data and will continue to improve the responsiveness If we notice that there are questions not being addressed by the system. All insights and sentiments gathered are completely anonymous and the system is programmed to recognize you and engage with you in a different way each time you engage in a new conversation.Hello Park

Where are the interactive locations? What Parks can I talk to? 

  • Sugar Land Memorial Park  
  • City Park 
  • Eldridge Park 
  • First Colony Park 
  • Imperial Park 
  • Lost Creek Park 
  • Oyster Creek Park and Trail 
  • Brazos River Park 
  • Colony Bend Park 
  • Covington West Park 
  • Highlands Park 
  • Lonnie Green Park 
  • Mayfield Park 
  • Meadow Lake Park 
  • Mesquite Park 
  • Slockett Park 
  • Settlers Way Park 
  • Sugar Lakes Park
  • Sugar Mill Park 
  • Thomas L. James Park 
  • Park at the Levee in River Park

Expected outcomes from the project

We want to hear from our park users what they value most about our parks and where we may be able to improve. Love the park but want to increase the number of drinking fountains? Let us know. The City of Sugar Land is continuously working to gather data from our users because we are relentless in our pursuit of good so that our residents, visitors and business owners can enjoy a life better than they can even imagine.

What are the benefits for your community/ visitors?

Ask our parks anything and they will answer. This helps the first time visitor as well as those who may have been visiting the park for the last 20 years. Data will be continuously monitored by staff who will be listening and recording the conversation. The platform uses advanced qualitative and quantitative data analytics, including AI-based sentiment analysis, to gather useful community insights in real time. 

What happens next?

The next time you are at one of our parks please tell them “hello.” We look forward to sharing some of your conversations and the data we collect with everyone a little later in the project.  

For More Information

Contact Sugar Land Parks & Recreation by calling 281-275-2825, emailing parkrec@sugarlandtx.gov, or reaching out to us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.