Opening a Restaurant

Change of Ownership

A change of ownership at a food establishment can occur due to the purchase of a currently operating food establishment or the purchase of a currently closed food establishment.

Purchase of a Food Establishment

An individual who is interested in purchasing a food establishment, whether it is currently in operation or not, should contact Food Inspection at 281-275-2170 prior to the purchase of the food establishment in order to discuss the detail associated with a change in ownership at a food establishment.

Prior to the approval of a new food Establishment Permit, the Food Inspection Manager will conduct a pre-opening inspection of the establishment.

Please note that operating a Food Establishment without obtaining the necessary inspections and permits may result in immediate cessation of operations and a citation. Should any modifications need to be made to a food establishment during this process, the buyer will need to follow the guidelines regarding construction and remodeling listed below.

New Construction / Remodel Requirements

Food Establishments may not be constructed, remodeled or altered except in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the city. The plans for an establishment must be submitted in compliance with the requirements for obtaining construction permit. In addition, the plans must comply with City ordinances and the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules.

For additional information regarding these requirements, please contact the Permits and Inspections Department at 281-275-2270.

Construction Completion

Upon completion of the construction / remodel of an establishment, the Food Inspection program will conduct pre-opening inspections before the establishment begins operation.  The Food Inspection Manager will work with food establishments to schedule any pre-opening inspections. An establishment must pass the inspection in order to obtain a Food Establishment Permit.

If you have any questions regarding the construction / remodel process for a food establishment, or when your establishment is ready for a pre-opening inspection, please contact the Food Inspection Manager at 281-275-2170.

Before calling to request an inspection, please review the "Pre-Opening Checklist" link below to ensure you have all the required documents and are sufficiently prepared.  Inspections must be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance.

Please Note: Approval or permitting from the Food Inspection Division does not indicate approval from other city departments that may also be involved in the change of ownership process. The buyer is responsible for obtaining approval from all applicable departments.

Application for Permanent Food Establishment / Frozen Dessert Permit