Are You OK

Are You O.K.? is a telephone reassurance program sponsored by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office for seniors or disabled citizens of Fort Bend County. The Sugar Land Police Department works with the Sheriff's Office in checking the welfare of seniors or disabled citizens that reside within the incorporated city limits of the City of Sugar Land.

How it Works

The program makes a computer generated telephone call each day to the participant to check on their welfare. If the person called is okay, all that is needed is for them to pick up the telephone and hang up. If for some reason they do not answer the telephone, the computer will try again at fifteen minute intervals. Should the telephone go unanswered after three calls, an alarm will sound in the Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center, and the participant's application form will be printed. The Sheriff's Office will then notify the Sugar Land Police Department, for resident's residing within the city limits. The Police Department will then dispatch a Police Officer to check on the welfare of the resident.

There is no charge for this service. You decide what time of the morning you want to be called. If you will be away from home at the agreed calling time, you can call the number provided to you to check out of the program until you return. You will have the reassurance that someone will know if you need help. Call 281-341-4704 to get an application for this program